Taylor Facen


How I Built Schedu

16 September, 2020
- 1 min read

For this year's Women Make Just F*ing Ship It Challenge I decided to build an app to help groups schedule meetings more efficiently. Stay…

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Leadership: From "The" to "A"

10 July, 2020
- 4 min read

Businesswomen talking Members of a team, organization, or community will come across numerous opportunities to help move that body forward…

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My Just F*ing Ship It Project

10 November, 2019
- 5 min read

Interview Coach Logo Link to the repo Last month, I decided to participate in the Women Make Just F*ing ship it challenge. Because the goal…

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2019 BlackcomputeHER Conference

10 April, 2019
- 4 min read

"Don't be so focused on the closed door that you don't notice the open windows around it." - Dr. Sandra K. Johnson This past weekend, I had…

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